Yours, Mine, Ours

Monika Meler

The Anthropocene series postulates that humans can only love that which they touch, build, or are responsible for making.  There is clearly a contradiction between what is valuable and what humans value and this contradiction is what defines the Anthropocene, the geological term for the age of humans, or more specifically the impact the humans have had on the earth especially through global warming, industrialization, and colonization.

My current body of work attempts to explore this contradiction. Through the incorporation of shapes that resemble rocks, pieces of earth, or natural forms and images that were made from domestic objects intended to imitate nature, I am exploring the root of the problem of “value,” in its many manifestations and forms.  I am interested in examining how we value the objects in our homes that are meant to mimic or celebrate nature while actual natural environments are left to perish.

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Photos by Matthew Roberts