Language of Space

Emmanuel Opoku

Opoku collects and transforms found objects to reflect social roles  and elicit feelings of nostalgia. Found objects re-purposed to navigate his logic understanding of value, space and history. His artwork invites viewers to read their own meanings into familiar objects that have been transformed.  Opoku’s work explores his comparison of experiences between the US and Ghana with the use of the material collected from thrifts stores and contextualized into various meanings of culture, status and politics of art. He employs the concept of juxtaposition with non-related objects in a way to search for his identity use ambiguity to investigate the expectations of the mainstream art. Emmanuel Manu Opoku was born in Kumasi, Ghana. He attended Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and majored in BFA Painting. His first solo exhibition the risen compass occurred in early 2019 at 4most Gallery and the second solo exhibition at the Constance and Linton Gallery of International Art in the same year. He has participated in several group exhibitions in Ghana and US. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Sculpture at the University of Florida.

1. Beautiful (Ahuofedua), 2019, 85 X 65”
2. Untitled, 2020, 23 x 13”
3. Self-Portait, 2020, 41 X 22 X 10”
4. Untitled, 2020,  30 x 48”
5. One In My Mouth, 2019, 79 x 34 inches
6. Untitled, 2020,  30 x 48”